Carbon Credits

What is a Carbon Neutral Business?

Carbon Neutral and Carbon Footprints have become big news lately. Being Carbon Neutral, whether we are talking about you personally, your household or your business is actually a fairly straightforward process.  At Newcastle Car & Truck Rental we decided to offset our operational carbon footprint as much as we could.

Measuring our Carbon Footprint

Most activities we undertake in our working lives produce carbon and contribute to our Carbon Footprint.  Travelling to work, switching on heating or air conditioning, making a coffee, switching on a computer, travelling to see a client – all of these things produce carbon. It should be noted that we are working towards making our office and our business processes Carbon Neutral, we have a plan to make ourselves as Carbon Neutral as possible. However we simply cannot offset the carbon created by all of our hire vehicles, although we would like to.

What did we do?

One very simple thing we do is to ensure that all our vehicles are maintained and serviced regularly for the most efficient running. Then with the help of Greenfleet we calculated the carbon footprint of our depots' daily operation, we included staff travelling to and from work etc and we now purchase Carbon Credits which go towards Australian renewable energy projects and tree planting in Australia.

What can you do?

Vehicle use is one of the highest contributors to our daily carbon footprint. As a business we would like to offset the carbon produced by our vehicles but that's just not possible. However you can help to offset the carbon created when you hire a vehicle from us. When you book your car on-line simply tick the Green Carbon Offset Credit box and pay an extra $1 per day which will go towards our chosen projects.

Perhaps in the future Newcastle Car & Truck Rental will be the first local company to offer Electric, Hydrogen or Hybrid cars?