Toll Roads


Are road tolls at my expense?


Yes - However, you don't have to do anything, we have Automatic RMS E-Toll activated on all our vehicles.

You cannot opt out. If you travel on any toll road in Australia all tolls will be automatically charged to your Rental Agreement account by NSW Roads and Maritime Services (formerly NSW RTA). If you do not use a toll road there are no charges. If you use a toll road you pay a $3.30 daily service fee plus the cost of any tolls you incur. You cannot opt out, this system is automatic, so do not pay your own tolls.

Track your RMS toll charges and get a Tax Invoice here.

Note: You cannot remove the tag. Do not carry your own tag. Do not attempt to pay your road tolls in any other way, RMS will automatically charge the account on your rental agreement.

Roads and Maritime Services



If you hire a trailer from us, they do not have an e-tag fitted. Tolls for trailers are the responsibility of the hirer.



A $30 admin fee is charged for each traffic, parking or toll infringement we process on your behalf regardless of reason/fault.